How To Get Free Crazy Bunny Mp40 Skin in Free Fire


Free Fire offers its players a good sort of weapon skins. The gun skins are available two designs; one themed and therefore the other legendary.

The Crazy Bunny MP40 may be a legendary gun skin within the game with incredible attributes. This magnificent gun skin was popularized by players like White 444 and Raistar. Here’s an in depth check out the weapon skin and its in-game attributes.

How to get free crazy bunny mp40 skin in free fire

Crazy Bunny MP40 is one among the foremost popular MP40 gun skin in Free Fire. it had been introduced to the sport as a neighborhood of the Easter Event in early 2020.

The gun skin is one among the foremost demanded ones thanks to its increased range and a small enhance in damage also . it’s the right choice for the players to hunt their enemies from the mid-range.

MP40 generally has a powerful rate of fireside and offers decent damage. With its increased range and adequate damage, it can easily substitute weapons like MP5, UMP, and P90. Moreover, Crazy Bunny can easily help the players in securing headshots within the longer range also .

The only drawback of this gun skin is that the reduced magazine which may convince be vital for any short-range fights. Also, this gun skin isn’t yet made available within the Stores section.


Due to its lack of availability, Crazy Bunny is never found amongst players. However, players can still obtain them from special airdrops that refresh every day .

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