How To Get Free Character Voucher In Pubg Mobile

How To Get Free Character Voucher In Pubg Mobile

How To Get Free Character Voucher In Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one among the highly successful battle royale games that has gained far more success in recent months. the sport features tons of exciting content that include a variety of unique skins, outfits, weapons and tons more. Developers at PUBG Mobile have also introduced a bunch of special characters within the battle royale which will either be purchased or acquired through character vouchers. So, let’s take a glance at how you’ll get vouchers to unlock your favourite characters.

How to get character voucher in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile features a new game event that permits users to open several crates within the game. With the assistance of those crates, players can get the character vouchers and unlock characters like Andy and Carlo, both of whom require 1200 vouchers.

To get the rewards, you’ll first need a Pharaoh Crate and its key (Pharaoh Crate Key). However, if you visit the inventory section and check out to use the crate or the key, the sport will flash a message saying that the event isn’t yet open. during this case, you’ll got to run a VPN on your device without changing your region.

Once a VPN is enabled, you would like to travel back to the sport lobby and into your inventory. this point around, you’ll be ready to use the Pharaoh Crate. Just click on the ‘Use’ button and a replacement event titled ‘Call of the Pharaoh’ will appear on the screen. This event will allow you to open a complete of 10 crates within one day and earn a couple of character vouchers. The crate also will reward you with items aside from vouchers.

After you’ve exhausted your daily crates, close up the VPN and head back to the sport lobby. Now, you’ll start playing matches to earn more crates and keys. However, you ought to note that you simply will only get one crate for each match you play. Once you’ve got the specified number of vouchers, you’ll unlock the special characters within the game.

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