How to get free character voucher in PUBG Mobile in 2021

How to get free character voucher in PUBG Mobile in 2021

how to get free character voucher in pubg 2020

PUBG Mobile is one among the simplest free-to-play battle royale games available on Android and iOS devices everywhere the planet . the amount of eSports tournaments organised by the sport has increased significantly.

PUBG Mobile has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store which further underlines its huge player base.

As of now, PUBG Mobile has four major characters within the game. they’re Sara, Viktor, Carlo and therefore the latest inclusion Andy. All of those characters have various special abilities that impact the matches in some form.

Character vouchers are a singular currency within the game which enables players to unlock characters via in-game events and other avenues.

How to get Free Character vouchers in PUBG Mobile
Andy, the puppet master has bought us some free character vouchers also . to say those vouchers, follow these steps:

#1 Open PUBG Mobile and are available to the house screen. you ought to see an Andy poster in your ‘news’ tab. Click thereon .

#2 Once you’ve got clicked thereon , the story and video introduction of the new character will start rolling. don’t skip it and watch till the very end.

#3 After watching the entire introduction clip, you’ll land on this page where you’ll claim the subsequent rewards:

Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (01)
Character Shard (05)
Character Vouchers (60)

PUBG Mobile will see more characters being added to the sport soon.

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